Post number 4. After a few years of trying to keep my diabetes in control by being careful about what I ate, I still felt like I was still on the road to deteriorating health, albeit a slower road.  Was there a better solution yet to be found?

I saw a newspaper article about a study conducted by Roy Taylor who was the head of the MRI unit at Newcastle University in England.  The article said that a low-calorie diet may be a “cure” for diabetes. The jest of the study suggested that fat buildup in the pancreas resulted in impaired insulin production and diabetes in some people.  In the study, they put people on a very low 600 calorie a day diet for 8 weeks and saw that these people were able to return to having normal blood sugars within days. And once the fat in their pancreases was reduced to normal levels they seemed to be able to eat “normal” meals and maintain good blood sugar levels as long as they did not regain back the extra fat.  This seemed very interesting but I was not overweight like the people in the study so I didn’t see how it could help me.

I clipped out the article anyway and I kept it.   A couple of years ago I was talking to someone about it and looked up the current information on the Newcastle site.  I saw that some normal-weight people were having success with it as well. So I decided to give it a try and started doing the low-calorie diet, but before the 8 weeks were up, I was worried that I was losing too much weight.  I lost about 20 pounds in 6 weeks and went from 150 to 130. So I stopped doing the diet and hoped that was enough. I still struggled to keep my blood sugar in the normal range and eventually gained back some but not all of the weight

While on the diet I did see a big change in my blood sugars in that they were pretty consistently below 100. But it didn’t seem to last once I stopped eating on the diet.  I was still intrigued by the research but unsure about how I could make it work for me.

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