This is post number three. So now that I was diabetic I decided to cut out pretty much the only thing left, which was carbohydrates.  My wife calls me an extremist and I do tend towards extremes. If a little is good, I tend to think a lot might be better. That, however, is not how things usually work in the real world.  But being somewhat extrem, I cut out all bread, pasta, and starchy vegetables. I love bread and pasta so this was not my happiest decision, but knowing that I was facing a life of sickness spurred me on to cut out all the carbs and eat huge bowls of vegetables and salads

I should mention that as a kid I would not eat anything that was green.  Fortunately, I got over that as an adult. To my surprise, I found that I was actually enjoying eating salads with a lot of cooked onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, yellow squash, nuts, cheese, and black pepper.  I love black pepper and so far I can still eat it. Yea for that at least.

With this change in diet, I started losing weight.  I lost 15 pounds and my next A1C dropped by almost half.  I was close to the normal range. I started going to the diabetes classes and I was surprised to find out that the teacher of my class was not very encouraging about me cutting out all the heavy carbohydrates. Apparently a very low carbohydrate diet is considered dangerous.  I think I was getting enough carbohydrates from the large quantities of vegetables I was eating but I started adding in a few carbs just in case. My next A1C results climbed a bit higher.

Over the next several years I never saw much difference in my blood sugars when I took the metformin medication that was prescribed by my doctor.   I really didn’t want to be dependent on medication anyway if I could help it, so I tried to continue my focus on limiting my carbohydrates to a reasonable amount.  I was not always successful. At times I definitely overdid it. I seem to be an all or nothing kind of guy. As long as I don’t have one bite of ice cream I was fine but just one taste would have me craving the whole carton.   When I was lax in my diet my A1C results suffered but my numbers never got higher than the 7 range. I still had this nagging question in my mind, “Was this enough to avoid a future of bad health?”. I was not sure it was enough so I kept looking for other options.

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