Post number 5. Recently, I decided that I was tired of living with diabetes and willing to give the Newcastle diet another try.  My weight had crept back up to about 140 pounds since my last attempt and I was determined to lose even more weight then last time if that is what it took to get better blood sugar results.

So I started the 8-week diet.  I quickly lost about 10 pounds.  What did I eat on my diet? Mosty low-calorie veggies and protein shakes.  I found that I could stir fry some (onions, yellow squash, mushrooms, cucumbers, bell peppers, water chestnuts) and eat it 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner).  I changed the flavor a bit by adding soy sauce or chili sauce, or ginger, etc. and that way I didn’t get tired of it. Sometimes I would put my stir fry on top of a bed of salad greens and use it as a dressing.  It sounds weird but it was not bad really. The rest of the time I drank protein shakes to which I added frozen greens in the blender. The greens crumble up when they are frozen and that makes the shake nice and cold. The other benefit is that I get a helping of greens in a way that tastes pretty good. If anyone is interested Newcastle has a small pdf file with some meal ideas. Click here for the link to the file.

My wife expressed some concern about my weight loss and the fact that my blood sugar numbers were coming way down. I had a couple of readings in the upper 60s which is still in the normal range but it worried her. She knows that low blood sugars can cause problems so she insisted we go and talk to the doctor about it. She is a nurse so I do value her opinion in these matters.  We scheduled an appointment to see the doctor. They both ganged up on me a bit and convinced me that I should probably try to eat a little more so as to keep my blood sugars higher though this really seems to go against the whole point of the diet. The doctor also suggested that I exercise and build a little muscle to help reduce my body fat that way. Ug! Exercise.   I complied and added back some protein and my weight loss slowed down and stopped around 126 pounds. 125 was what I weighed in high school so I was hoping it was enough but my blood sugars also started coming back up as I eased up on the diet. What is a guy to do? I will blog about my exercise routine next. The hope is that I can still get the good outcome I am after even if takes a little longer.

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