Another DNS filter tool from

Previously I posted about Domain Name Services and OpenDNS and how that tool can block unwanted internet sites.  Since then, I have discovered another DNS tool by the people at   They allow for more aggressive blocking without the extra setup that OpenDNS requires for their more aggressive blocking options to work.  Basically, it works just […]

Screen-time control through limited access

In the first post, we examined the idea that much of our sacred personal time is being wasted in fruitless interactions with our electronic devices.   Another prevalent issue is that these devices often expose family members to inappropriate material. First of all, here is the bad news about protecting our kids from the darker aspects […]

Keeping Tabs On Our Kids Electronic Devices and Maybe Ourselves

How do we spend the sacred time when we are not involved in the mandatory activities of life such as work and sleep?.  Adam Alter (Ph.D. in psychology) gives some interesting insights into how much time we spend on social media and the effects it has on us.  In his 2017 TED talk “Why or screens […]